After Care

Why come to Bold Statement?

Bold Statement is our home away from home. Each one of us is dedicated to offering not only the highest quality tattoo but also the highest quality of service, advice and aftercare. Bold Statement was created in 2011 and has been backed by tattoo artists with 10+ years in the industry ever since. We provide you with a warm and friendly experience from ongoing clients to new ones. We are here to answer all of your questions and to help you create a bold, beautiful design for your tattoo


Bold Statement is inspected yearly by the Halton Region Health Board. We go above and beyond standard health code requirements to ensure your safety and ours. All needles, tubes and instruments are pre-packaged and pre-sterilized and for single use only in which they are disposed of directly after each and every appointment. All sterilization is done through the use of our on site autoclave. Our autoclave is spore tested twice a month as per Halton Region Health Board regulations. Included in every cycle run through the autoclave is an integrator strip, which ensures the correct time, and temperature was achieved during each specific cycle. Our test results are on hand and available for viewing at the shop.


We spare no expense when it comes to the equipment we use for each and every customer. All inks, needles, disinfectants and aftercare products are of the highest quality. Members of our staff have received certificates for courses in both Blood Borne Pathogens and Cross Contamination Prevention. These certificates are updated as often as possible, ensuring your health and safety by keeping us updated on the newest sterilization techniques.

The Art

Our pursuit of quality does not end in high end products and health inspections; we also take the time to work with our clients to produce unique and custom tattoo concepts. We all come from strong and varying art backgrounds, providing you with differing styles to accommodate your own needs. From flash to custom artistry and everything in between; Bold Statement takes pride in producing only our very best for you. Come by the shop and see for yourself!

The Shop!